Popcorn Ceiling Removal

popcorn ceiling removal los angeles ca

Arrange a popcorn ceiling removal in Los Angeles, CA

Update Your Home With Smooth, Even Ceilings

Maybe you've moved into an old house. Or maybe you're just ready to update your living spaces. Either way, you know that your popcorn ceilings have got to go. So, hire a drywall expert who can take your ceiling from lumpy to level in no time.

When you need a popcorn ceiling removal in Los Angeles, CA, reach out to LSM Drywall & Painting. We'll scrape off the bumpy texture to give your ceilings a smooth finish. Arrange our popcorn ceiling removal services when you want to:

  • Paint clouds on your child's bedroom ceiling
  • Create the illusion of a bigger, taller living room
  • Install recessed light fixtures in your bedroom

Ready to get started on your ceiling project? Call 310-433-9022 now to schedule an appointment.

Protect yourself from asbestos

If you live in an old home, there's a chance that your popcorn ceiling has asbestos. But there's no need to worry - as long as your ceiling remains undisturbed, the asbestos won't pose a threat. Unfortunately, if you want a popcorn ceiling removal, this also means that you'll need to follow strict safety precautions.

At this time, LSM Drywall & Painting is not equipped to handle asbestos. When you request our popcorn ceiling removal services, we'll collect a ceiling sample for testing. If your test comes back positive, we won't be able to finish your ceiling renovation.

Get in touch to learn more about our asbestos policy.